What do the letters at the end of the Medicare Number Represent?

Many individuals inquire from time to time what the letters shown at the end of their Medicare ID/Claim Number represent.  Here is a summary of the letters and their designation (this many not be a complete list, but the most common):

*A = retired worker


B = wife of retired worker

B1 = husband of retired worker

B6 = divorced wife

B9 = divorced second wife

C = child of retired or deceased worker; numbers after

C denote order of children claiming benefit

D = widow

D1 = widower

D6 = surviving divorced wife

E = mother of a child of a deceased worker

E1 = divorced mother of a child of a deceased worker

F1 = aged dependent father

F2 = aged dependent mother

*HA = disabled worker

HB = wife of disabled worker

HC = child of disabled worker

*J1 = special “over 72” benefit, has A and B

K1 = wife of “over 72” benefit, has A and B

*M = has Part B Medicare only, no SSA benefit

*T = has A and B Medicare, no SSA benefit

W = disabled widow

WA = railroad retirement

*denotes the recipient’s own social security number.

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